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26" ss rear wheel

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  • 26" ss rear wheel

    Used, hand built 26" rear wheel for sale. The disk hub is a woodman ss, with a solid nutted axle. It has 10mm of cassette with a lockring. Can run 1 cog or 2 thin ones as well. 135mm spacing. The rim is a sun rhyno lite xl, 24 mm inside width with brake track. Some scuffing on a few spokes close to the drive side at the hub. Comes with 3 surly wide based stainless steel cogs. 19, 21 and 22 tooth as well as a 3mm? spacer and lock ring. $175.00
    SS rule the dirt!

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    No offers? Everyone on 29ers?
    SS rule the dirt!


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      Wheels and rims are the toughest things to sell. I have posted some 29er wheels and rims off and on for a couple of years now. Not one bite. No offers of trades. Thought of posting the crossland 26ers (Lefty front wheel), but figured ,why bother? Kept the price down too. Hmm. Gonna let them turn to dust in the garage.


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        If it was a 29er ss I might bite. I'm in the same boat with the 26ers, I have a couple sets of CrossMax-whatevers, but the are non-disc. Thats a REAL problem. And the 29ers are the ones I upgraded from. Still real solid wheels, just not all blingy and $hit...
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          Bike parts are brutal when it comes to depreciation; I just sold a complete Intense DH bike for $200.
          I'm gonna say your price needs to drop by at least half.
          Woodman Bill hub goes for $90, rim $35; somebody could build this wheel brand new for about what you're asking.
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            My price would just be a starting point for discussion. The surly cogs go for $20 apiece. That said, any offers?
            SS rule the dirt!