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Worksman Cycles 2020CB Industrial trikes

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  • Worksman Cycles 2020CB Industrial trikes

    got a pair of freshly powdercoated (Sunburst Orange and Psycho Lime green) Worksman Cycles Mover trikes.
    super overbuilt with a 500+ pound carrying capacity, tons of options and possibilities.
    made in NYC, USA.
    lots of options including a 3-speed kit, cabinets, etc etc.
    as spec'd with the steel baskets, these sell for $980.
    be the hit of the neighborhood, marina, campsite, pub crawl (great for loading drunks.. and btw, compared to a bicycle, these are harder to tip over after a few PBRs...not IMPOSSIBLE, but harder...i think that's why the hillbillies prefer the atvs over motorcycles)

    coaster brake on the back for layin down rubber with mad skids.

    turn this thing into a lemonade stand on wheels...
    haul crap at the swap meet...
    hook up a trailer and go camping...

    get em for less than 1/2 at $450ea