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News & Events

NEMBA puts on many rides, trail care events, skills training, charity rides and lots more. Come ride with us! Come volunteer with us!

Use the search function to find the perfect event for you. You only need to use the seach field you wish. For example, you can filter for all rides by just selecting "Rides" in the event field.  Or you can select rides in your chapter by selecting both "Rides" and your "Chapter". You can also select events by state and region.

All of our rides and trail care events require that you sign our liability waiver. NEMBA members only need to sign an Annual Waiver once a year. Non-members who attend any NEMBA event will need to sign either a Ride Waiver or a Trail Care Waiver beforehand and bring it to the event. Please become a member if you come to our rides. We will provide each of these waivers at our events.

E.g., 11/19/17
E.g., 11/19/17
11/26/17 9:30am to 11:45am


Keene - Sunday Morning Rides

Sunday morning rides!  Typically West Keene, ride time a touch over 2 hours.  This will morph into the winter fat bike ride for the winter.

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11/27/17 (All day)

SE MA NEMBA Chapter Meeting/Party

Come join us for our SE Mass NEMBA Chapter meeting held the first Monday after Thanksgiving. This “meeting” will be more of a social event than a meeting and will be held at the newly created Castle Island Brewery taproom located at 31 Astor Ave, Norwood MA from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

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11/28/17 (All day)

Merrimack Valley NEMBA by Grateful Tread Tuesday Landlocked Forest Ride

This is our “Pedal to the Metal” ride taking place at the Landlocked Forest.

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11/28/17 6:00pm

Mine Falls, Nashua NH

SNH NEMBA Mine Falls Coed Novice Ride

Details: This is a no drop, no pressure, fun ride!

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11/28/17 6:00pm

Foxborough, MA

SE MA NEMBA Tuesday Ride, Foxborough

This is intended to be a Mellow-Intermediate ride. It is less technical and more social than the Thursday Ride. But, occasionally the pace picks up. It is always a no-drop ride. The route varies every week.  The ride is always dependent on conditions. It starts at 6:00 PM and normally runs...

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11/29/17 (All day)

Trail of Tears Marston Mills

Cape Cod NEMBA Wednesday ToT ride

The Wednesday and Friday evening Trail of Tears rides are a long standing Cape Cod tradition.The format is informal, just show up and be ready to go before 5:00 PM.Some people choose to extend the ride by starting at 4:30.  Be there before then if you'd like to take advantage of that option.We...

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11/29/17 5:30pm

Lincoln Woods

RI NEMBA – Lincoln Woods – Wednesday

This ride is condition dependent. Contact the ride's leader for more information.   The trails at Lincoln Woods are among the best in all of Rhode Island. Join us for a fun no-drop ride.

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11/29/17 6:00pm

TBD, Central Maine

Central Maine NEMBA Ride

Ride held when conditions allow. Contact the ride's leader for more information.

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11/29/17 7:30pm

Norwalk CT

FC NEMBA Chapter Meeting

Fairfield County NEMBA has monthly chapter meetings on the last Wednesday of each month. Come attend and share your ideas for making mountain biking better in Fairfield County and beyond. Contact FC NEMBA president, Ryan Tucker, for details and location.

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11/30/17 (All day)

Central NH NEMBA Fall Meeting

All are welcome to attend CNH NEMBA's final meeting of 2017. It would be great to see some new faces with new ideas.  Ifyou don't come for the meeting, come for a beer, and to socializewith other local mountain bikers. 

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