GBNEMBA Fells Money Hill Trail Project


9/30/17 8:30am to 1:30pm

We will be closing a section of the Reservoir trail near Money Hill. This is an ongoing project that started in the Spring of 2017 and was in planing stages for years prior.

This work will include loosening of the trail bed, planting and or transplanting native species, covering the old trail with duff, and we may build some check dams on steep slopes and remove one old boardwalk. This work is being done because there are multiple parallel trail segments in this section of the Fells. Once closed it will create more connected habitat and reduce the trail system complexity. Both of those are important goals of the Fells Resource Management Plan.

Come and give us a hand in trail un-building :-)
We could use as many people as possible, we have a huge tool trailer and plenty of trail work tools

We will meet at our regular Wednesday meeting place at Fallon Rd in Stoneham (MarJam) at 8:30a-ish we will have some simple paperwork to fill out and a safety briefing before we head out around 9:00a.

Map to meet-up location:

If you can come in for just few hours that's OK too, come on down 

Lunch to follow after work.


Bear Hill Parking Lot (Marjam)


Greater Boston


Event Leader

Maciej Sobieszek