Franconia Area NEMBA Meeting


4/24/17 (All day)

Franconia Area NEMBA will be having an open meeting at Franconia Town Hall at 5:30 and we have lots to talk about!

Here is high-level agenda:

Update from USFS
Trail Stewardship Priorities
Trail Access Priorities
Outreach Priorities
Parker Mountain/ Littleton Update
Profile Trails Update

For those of you who are not available to make it, we will send out an email following the meeting with some details and hopefully dates for trail maintenance days.

Meanwhile, if you are out on the trails, feel free to move any blow downs by hand, but remember it is illegal to use a chainsaw on USFS land to cut any live trees. Carrying a pair of clippers can be helpful to trim. 

Please be mindful, this time of year, not to cause damage to the trails during the mud season. We are very lucky to have access to the trails, but either riding or traveling through muddy areas can cause erosion and unnecessary trail damage.

And if you have any suggestions or questions that you are not able to present in person at Monday’s meeting, please email me or Chris Nicodemus and it will be added to the agenda.
Looking forward to seeing you on the trails!

Janel Lawton


Franconia Area

Event Leader

Janel Lawton