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Guiding Principles for Managing Vietnam Property

In acquiring and managing the former Liner Trust Parcel within the Upper Charles Headwaters area, the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) is committed to the following vision:

Conservation and Management

The parcel shall be preserved for the benefit of the Town of Milford and the general public as open space in perpetuity, balancing opportunities for mountain biking and other recreation with resource conservation, while maintaining the existing character of the Upper Charles Headwaters area. This management vision includes:

  • Protection and preservation of important natural resources such as wetlands and water quality, rare and endangered species, and overall biological and landscape integrity.
  • Protection and preservation of the technical, natural recreational terrain, minimizing new signage and other new facilities.
  • A planned trail system suitable for both challenging technical and cross-country bicycle riding.
  • Regular maintenance of the trail system.
  • Appropriate construction of new trails as necessary to complete the planned trail system or to replace existing trails to be closed and restored.

Public Access and Use

The parcel shall be open to the public for appropriate non-motorized trail-based recreation. Elements of the public use vision include:

  • Permanent and guaranteed mountain bike use of the parcel, in perpetuity, regardless of who owns and/or manages the land in the future.
  • Recreational opportunities for the general public, not limited to NEMBA members.
  • A multi-use trail system and a commitment to trail sharing among various user groups.
  • The prohibition of recreational motorized vehicle use of the parcel and the Upper Charles Headwaters area.


The NEMBA Board of Directors shall retain responsibility for managing the parcel, and shall retain ultimate authority over all decisions related to management of the parcel. Should NEMBA cease to exist in the future, any succeeding authorities managing the parcel shall follow the guiding principles presented in this document. NEMBA will establish a management structure consisting of:

  • An Upper Charles Headwaters Management Committee, designated by the NEMBA Board of Directors.
  • A comprehensive management plan for the parcel, prepared by the Management Committee, approved by the NEMBA Board of Directors, and reviewed on a periodic basis.
  • Active management and maintenance of the parcel by the Management Committee and/or its designees, guided by the comprehensive management plan.
  • Active coordination with neighboring land management authorities and interest groups in the Upper Charles Headwaters area.







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